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August 4th, 2015 
James McCloskey
Sales Representative

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New Townhomes Mississauga

Lining up overnight for real estate is becoming a regular sight, not only in Toronto, but also in Mississauga. For certain new townhomes in Mississauga, hopeful buyers are waiting up to three days to buy property. Most of these buyers are young professionals or young families interested in the maintenance needs that a condo has to offer, but without the added costs of membership fees. New townhomes in Mississauga have some similar drawbacks to condos, in that new developments continually being built tend to dampen some potential long-term gains. Nevertheless, new townhomes in Mississauga can be perfect for small families just looking to crack their way into the market within a good distance to centres of employment.

Townhomes are available at an incredibly vast range of prices in Mississauga, from a low of $118,000 at a complex on Roche Court (with three bedrooms) to a whopping $939,000 asking price for a three bedroom home on St. Lawrence Drive.

If you are in the market for a new home and are considering buying a new townhome in Mississauga, you may start your search here. If you see something of interest or you would like more information about the new townhomes in Mississauga market please feel free to contact Peter With and James McCloskey for all of your real estate needs.

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New Townhomes Mississauga
New Townhomes Mississauga
New Townhomes Mississauga
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